Monday, May 31, 2010

World No Tobacco Day!!

I love this day...Cause with this, hopefully those people who smoke will realise the mistake and risk they are taking..

Do you know that Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the 6th leading cause of death?? it is projected to be 4th leading cause of death in 2030!!! (Due to u who smoke, and u who reccommend to ur friends to smoke, and u who sell cigarette, and u who don't control the access to tobacco!)

COPD is caused by noxious particles or gas, most commonly from tobacco smoking, which triggers an abnormal inflammatory response in the lung. If u get this, u would have to go for lung function test!! if critical, these patient have to go through long term oxygen therapy or lung transplantation!!!!

i was shocked to see a picture of a 2 year old boy who smoke frequently! ..imagine how would his lung be when he's 20!
probably like this
In indonesia is said to have no control over tobacco being used by whom. Their children is easily expose to secondhand smoke and even learn how to smoke!! Don't they have an association that protect the child's well being??!!!

For World No Tobacco Day, Start now! stop smoking! Before it's TOO LATE!!!..

Thursday, May 27, 2010


again..cold war...

why everytime i raise my voice a bit.....i always get so much hate from him?can't i even raise my voice when u're being irritating...(it means to shut ur bloody mouth off, n not stomping out of the room)

it make me's like i can't even express....numb....

so wat is ur reaction going 2 mean...1st meaning, u dun want me to raise my voice=i can't express...(i was wondering, y u f***king din think why the 1st place i raise my voice????)(that's why i always think u feel u're always right)...2nd meaning, u juz have bloody hot temper!! n i always have to be soft, u always had to be hard....can't somtimes i b hard, n u become soft for me? this really suX big time....i think i juz wanna sleep...fed up!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

2 days Back in KL

a pic taken in Opera (in Sunway), Luv the blue-ish blackground!!

i'm so duper glad i'm back in KL for 2 days!! it's worst than working! cz i feel more tired But Super Happy.... back v my cute kitty(which my bf hate btw), n my whole fam!

back in my house( wat i c is more tin cans at the back my house *damn, din take pic pula!* , almost like rubbish dump!but cleaner...) .....As my mom n dad r bz playing contest again after winning the Grand Prize of 100 plus(which is Really AWESOME!)

d 1st day i duno why, but i slept half of the day(mayb infected by MY)!! later that nite we dine at a nice cosy Korean Restaurant( i 4got it's name but it is located in Ampang, beside the korean supermart, d 2nd shop) ........Celebrating my mom's bday n Mother's Day..they never tried Korean BBQ b4!! luckily my dad *surprisingly* liked it!! shud come here more often!

next i n MY off to Sunway to club(4 me n Yee Yee only dat is..)....MY, Simon n YX bz drinking...better 4 me...can dance without paiseh ^ ^ while they r enjoying their drinks in Opera...we went to Euphoria MOS to look look c c(as i nvr go there)...the music is loud n nice, full of ppl!! n it's Ladies Night....Hurray! free Drinks! there we were till 3am!...

next day , went to S-class(some pub in Bandar menjalara), bcoz of S.hoong( MY best Fren). but i'm so bored...jz some gals from some small places singing some old song n moving around on stage(i dun even consider that as dancing!) Why we R ther?? very Good Question! guy's weakness!! gals! n Pretty f***ing gorgeous gals....ya, it feeds their crave....if there is cute f***ing mascular guys, then i hv no complain!

that's it for my trip back home....^ ^

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Grand Opening of Station 1 in Ipoh 1st GArden!!

Pity...I din bring my Camera!!...

cause....there's....let me see.. 1st. lion dance, 2nd 3 minutes of fireworks(it's so beautiful especially when u watch v ur bf), 3rd. singing crew, 4th. nonstop drinking beer!!!!.....n the best thing is we got it all for free!! beer n food! how cool is that?

***i jz rmbr i cud get the pix from the photographer!..yup, the boss hired 1..**

but after this, i swear i'll never ever eat Station 1 food again!!....

this Station 1 had 4 bosses...the youngest boss i've seen....all 'dao deng'...but quite mature for their age la...n that nite, their job is to make every friend they have pretty drunk!!...

this is juz the 1st round!!...the 2nd round, about 11pm we went to De Nest clubbing.. the aunties uncles arrive 1st, the scary scene is when we went to the 2nd floor, infront of me, 2 tables are full with crates of beer!!...estimate about 18crates!!....HAHHAha...LUCKY I'M A LADY!! it's fun seeing them finding places to hide themselves to avoid drinking whole bottle of darling?? hahha he's sleeping on my lap(once in a while, peeping when nobody is around)...cheeky rite?!...but still kacau by the guys!

anyway get to know a lot of frens there....can't wait for another occasion like this!!...

Zzzzzzzzz....Sleepy....Nite2! ^ ^

(Me in Hutan Melintang nw....)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Funny When Memory does means a lot!!

i'm here......feeling that i wud fall fast to Zzzzzzzzzzzz if i jz lay in my bed.....

but i'm just too anxious looking back into my old photos.....n Yeah, of cz that's after i saw what Pheebs did for us...(okay, i did promise myself i will however find back the photos we took ages ago!!)(if only, my bro would get off the f***ing PC!!!)

Still...there's HOPE!! ^ ^

I had a slept-over in ying's was a blast!!!...i always love that feeling that we share about watever is happening in our life...n of cz the gals realize they were getting a lot of useful quote coming out of my mouth!! LOL! now that u notice!

had the long-planning-to-have-food=dimsum in JLN IPOH as our breakfast(my brunch)....n camwhoring at that place(with not much of paying any attention if others are staring at us=crazy ladies) ....another memory to be added to our photo album..

suggested next food wud b BAK KUT TEH next to Dynasty Hotel, as Pheebs saying No's, Ying and I saying Yes's....

later , Pheebs showed us the slideshow she did for 4 of us...and i notice we been together so close for 6 yrs!! since we're working in JJ after our SPM!! Now,i'm in my optical line; Pheebs & Ying goin 2 graduate; Yan going 2 study her Master...i know this is what happen when you're in my age zone...

NOw, with my decision to be in Perak...Everything seems so far to me! another new environment to get use to...and for the gals, they are moving 2 another stage of their life...being an working adult! wat 2 say? But wishing all the LUCK to u gals!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Again...i came

often when i'm happy, i'm so lazy to blog...haha...why hah?? i guess... when i happy i just wanna enjoy the moment till it last....

i wake up early in morning.....with those word he said haunting me....feeling sad...wat the Heck!!...early in the morning FELLING like days are doom!

yesterday i felt so alive, with my gal cheering me up....although the whole gang can't be here v me...i know they still support me, with pheebs around.. as always talking n letting out makes the picture so clear....n doesnt make me think one sided.......that's why friends are so important!

he still act like nothing had happen...and its nothing serious...

c'mon, little stuff become big stuff eventually !!

i was in denial, when we started out...he gave me the sense of happiness, cz he care...just that simple cz he care...makes me wipe out the flaws he i remember, i always pointed out the flaws he looks so big to me, when i'm not falling that deep into love...after that few months...i let it be.....after almost 2 expect, it really does affect our relationship...funny, things can come back n haunt u, if u dun solve it...

but I still wanna put my biggest HOPE in him...that he can be much better than he tot he cud be....i duno wat he went tru in the past, that makes him felt like this depressed...unfinish business?? frm previuos relationship??....ok watever it is...please...can't we solve it?! it's just another stage in the relationship....please put down the ego...n talk it tru...hopefully he get wat i wanna get tru v him...*finger crossed*

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i juz felt like blogging

with my kind of personality..i duno if anyone can understand me..
it's been like almost 1 year without blogging...n i felt so alone...v my bf dun wanna know what i've been tru...mayb i doing the same 2 him as well...not knowing...

why am i in a relationship yet felt alone?i keep everything 2 full until i jz found a way to let here! so pathetic....wat 2 do...

i juz nid to let out...

i duno how to express...n duno how 2 focus two things at once...i go chaos when there's lots of things 2 do...i can't remember at everything....i always tried my best but yet i felt like a loser.

i felt more confident when last time than i m now...

wat is wrong?
i it me?